Shenzhen Customs boosts export efficiency

Shenzhen Customs has made a great effort to help e-commerce development in the Qianhai special economic zone by launching measures to improve export efficiency.

Under a new “general export” mode, e-commerce businesses can directly transport goods to Qianhai after finishing a simplified declaration procedure, then export them to overseas customers, significantly enhancing efficiency.

The launch of the new mode means e-commerce companies can now use various modes of trade in dealing with their businesses, including general and bonded export modes.

Since trial operation began in Qianhai in mid-June, more than 14 million packages had been shipped, with total value hitting 1.1 billion yuan ($1.5 billion), according to customs.

“It is a real boon to us because we can now choose different modes of export in accordance with the type of products and customer demand,” said Zhao Dazhi from Shenzhen Shenbaotou Supply Chain Co Ltd.

Zhang Jun, also from the company, said with different modes of trade and logistics channels, his company is able to save more than 20 million yuan in overseas warehousing and operating costs annually and reduce time of customs clearance by 10 to 20 percent.