An Analysis of China’s Listed Banks Performance in 2018 (No.171, 2019)

In line with the requirements made by the Central Government on seeking progress while maintaining stable performance, China’s banks had proactively implemented the relevant policies and measures in 2018 to ensure the smooth operation of the financial sector in face of the complicated international environment and the mounting downward pressure on the economy. In general, listed banks have achieved some initial results through transformed development with stable running condition and improved operating efficiency. But it needs to be noted that there are still some problems to be addressed such as the pressure induced by non-performing assets and inadequate capital replenishment. Based on the annual reports of 46 listed banks in China in 2018, this paper reveals the major problems and challenges faced by the current listed banks in terms of their assets and liabilities, profitability, risks, institutional structure and overseas layout, major national strategic support and the construction of financial technological system. In the future, the banking industry needs to make more efforts to push ahead with the financial supply-side structural reform,focus on its main business and strengthen its ability to serve the real economy with improved quality and higher efficiency.